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      Gaojin Foods at CRE China Food Expo brings a wonderful journey of food

      Recently, the 12th China Hotel and Catering Expo (referred to as CRE China Food Expo) came to a successful conclusion at the Canton Fair Complex in Guangzhou. As one of the largest, most influential and highest-quality hotel and catering fairs in China, CRE China Food Expo is the vane of the catering industry, and has always pushed the industry to the forefront of the times.

      This year's Food Expo also brought dazzling performance: the exhibition area is about 50,000 square meters, bringing together 1,000 well-known brand suppliers/service providers, tens of thousands of new food and beverage ingredients, new equipment, and new technologies are all unveiled, attracting 50,000 professional audiences Visited and purchased on the spot, and the total transaction amount on the spot reached 120 million yuan. Among them, the appearance of Gaojin Foods set off a wave of popularity and was favored by buyers and attendees.

      At the crowded CRE China Food Expo, the fashionable Gaojin Foods booth attracted many professionals and buyers to stop and inquire. The down-to-earth slogan and many delicacies make the high gold food booth the focus of the food expo.

      The most popular of the Gaojin Foods booths was the tasting stand filled with a dazzling array of freshly baked foods. Many product series of Gaojin Foods, including pre-conditioning, refined modified atmosphere, split and chilled, canned food, dishes, sauce and soy sauce, have appeared one after another. Delicious small crispy pork, sprouts buckled pork, sandwiched pork, etc., let the tasters feast on their mouths. The food-testing stand surrounded by water proves that the food of Gaojin Foods is attractive enough.

      A love of food, regardless of age. Even children came to the booth of Gaojin Foods to taste delicious food. Of course, food does not respect borders. Foreign friends are also attracted by delicious snacks, and ask carefully about relevant dishes.

      Many buyers praised the food launched by Gaojin Foods after a good meal. They consulted and purchased directly on the spot, and had a long-term desire to meet Gaojin Foods.

      In the Hot Pot Signature Dish (Guangzhou) Competition held at the Food Expo, after being approved by the expert jury, the "Jiaomei'er Chicken Feet (Three Pepper Chicken Feet)" made by Gaojin Foods won the silver award! Gaojin Foods won the award, which not only proves its own strength, but also shows its determination to continue to show its strength in the catering industry.

      This appearance at the CRE China Food Expo and its popularity is directly related to Gaojin Foods' continuous efforts in the catering industry for many years. Founded in 1996, Gaojin Foods has now become a high-quality food service provider that operates the entire industry chain and focuses on providing customers or consumers with overall solutions. The group has more than 30 branches nationwide and more than 1,000 unified chain stores. , more than 20,000 terminal online stores. At the same time, Gaojin Foods is highly integrated with enterprises by using Internet+, with two lines of online and offline running in parallel, with an annual output value of nearly 10 billion yuan. It is the largest hog slaughtering and processing enterprise in western China.

      Taking the CRE China Food Expo as a new window, the new journey of Gaojin Foods is in full swing. The accelerated transformation of high gold food is showing a new look and new look. It will move forward hand in hand with its partners to achieve a win-win situation and jointly write a new chapter of magnificent development.

      Source of this article: China Net